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Teaching Studio

I have been teaching horn for over 25 years. I am equally passionate about teaching and playing the horn, and enjoy guiding others on their paths toward mastery. 


My students have secured positions in major symphony orchestras, professional chamber ensembles, and currently serve as faculty members in top music schools and programs across the US. 


Current and former students have also received national, regional and all-state honors.  In addition to the wonderful accomplishments my students have achieved, I am equally proud of the people they have become through the years.  Our studio is like a family.  We encourage, challenge and support each other as much as possible as we follow on our own personal paths towards mastery.

If you are interested in horn lessons in person or online, please contact me to learn more about scheduling, rates, and other information.

Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy consists of 4 Principles:

  1. Goal Setting

  2. Mind & Body Awareness

  3. Artistry & Creativity

  4. Mentoring

1. Goal Setting

Goal Setting is an essential element to success in any endeavor.  I constantly encourage my students to set short, mid-term, and long term goals.  These goals help to provide the student with structure and a sense of control over their destiny.  Achievement of goals is not always the desired outcome.  Often, by striving for one goal, students discover new, and more important ones. Setting goals allows us to develop a blueprint or pathway to success, which can be modified and referred to over time. 

2. Mind & Body Awareness

Mind and Body Awareness are also very important to any music student.  I encourage my students to view the horn as an extension of their bodies, emphasizing that they are the reason that sound is created, while the horn acts as an amplifier.  In addition, we focus on the mental and creative aspects of performance.  With these elements in mind, I teach my students about Alexander Technique, meditation, breathing techniques, as well as horn playing technique.

3. Artistry & Creativity

Throughout my teaching career, I have noticed that many graduates of even the finest music schools of music and conservatories, while attaining high levels of technical prowess, lack refinement and maturity in the areas of Artistry &  Creativity.  This trend is disturbing to me because I have always believed that all musicians should have awareness and comprehension of the emotional and spiritual aspect of our art, as well as the technical aspects.  It has been my experience that a balance between creativity and discipline results in a very high musical/artistic standard.

4. Mentoring

The final principle is Mentoring.  There are many ways to describe a mentor.  I would like my students to also see me also as a coach, advisor, counselor, advocate, as well as their teacher and mentor.  In music, a student’s degree of success can be greatly affected by the relationship that exists between them and their teacher.  I embrace the opportunity to pass on what I have learned to all of my students.

Masterclasses & Clinics

As a Yamaha Performing Artist & Clinician, I conduct masterclasses and clinics across the US.  I have developed a new masterclass series that I  call the Masteryclass.  Masteryclasses are a series of workshops aimed at addressing some of the most important needs of the 21st Century hornist.  Sample Topics include:

  • Your Path to Mastery

  • Mental Focus: Zone Training

  • Build Your Career

  • Teaching the Horn

  • Communication Skills Workshop

  • Marketing & Social Media

Masteryclasses & Clinics can also be custom designed for horn studios, schools, sections, ensembles, and organizations. 


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