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Emily Aponte

Horn Performance Major

Emily Aponte
"My name is Emily Aponte. Ever since I was a little girl, I have visualized myself doing what I do now, what I love most; being a musician, which is what brings color in my life, and I hope it is never missing.


I was born in Venezuela. A country in which, thanks to Maestro José Antonio Abreu, I was able to take my first steps and truly understand what it means to make music and also been part of "El Sistema". I have fallen in love with my instrument that is the french horn and I can say now that everything happens for a reason.


With time, determination, and dedication, I was able to show my willingness to achieve my goals. Little by little, I was able to play with different youth orchestras and at 13, I was able to join the professional orchestra of my city. Even though I was still the youngest one, being selected to form one the most important orchestras in the country and being conducted by Gustavo Dudamel and Sir Simon Rattle, meant a lot to me. It felt like I had just reached the apex and had accomplished one of my goals in life.


Making music always made me feel different, compared to the other things I was doing growing up, nothing else brought me the amount of joy.

I had to leave my country 3 years ago due to the crisis situation, and maybe in that moment I felt like I would regret it, but now I know it was the best decision my family and I can make. I am 20 now. I started playing again after I came to the United States 8 months later.  Then a group of Venezuelans musicians made an Orchestra that is called "Bolivar Phil'', they invited me to play a couple of times with them, and for sure was a wonderful experience because I was able to meet old friends. And finally, and the most exciting part, it is that I can finally continue my studies thanks to Washington Adventist University that gives me a scholarship and brings me hope and joy again into my life.

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